Mojácar celebrates the Day of its Patron Saint, the Virgen del Rosario

Next Thursday 7th October, Mojácar municipality celebrates the festival for its patron saint, the Virgen del Rosario.

Although the traditional activities for this event have been reduced due to the crisis caused by Covid-19, the Culture and Fiestas Department has included several activities in its October cultural programme.
However there has been a change for the 7th, a local holiday. The Holy Mass scheduled for 12 noon in the Santa María Parish Church will move to 7pm in the same church.
The locality’s new Parish Priest, Víctor Manuel Fernández, will take up his post at this religious ceremony, accompanied by Miguel Esteban Jerez, who has served parishioners up until now and who is now the Director of the Aguadulce “Reina y Señora” House of Spirituality.
Present at the Holy Mass will be Octavio Santos on piano, Nadia Rudenko on violin and singer Sol Ruiz.
Additionally, in the Multi-Uses Centre at 5.30pm, the children’s show “las Recetas de Burbuja” (Bubble Recipes), will delight the little ones.
An exciting world for children from two to 99 in which expert cook Andrés Pumadera is recording a TV programme on which every day he prepares a diet with other great cooks’ cookery books.
On that day it’s the turn of Burbuja, a very special chef due to the ingredients and his surprising top dishes. A world of excitement and soap which will fly in front of everyone.