Mojácar celebrates the Day of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain 2021

Mojácar has celebrated the Day of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain with the reading out of a manifesto by Mojácar Council Tourism Councillor Emmanuel Agüero, joined by members of the local government team, as well as by many local residents and visitors who wanted to take part in the event.

Mojácar, due to its beauty, has been a member of “The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain Network” since 2013, practically from its beginnings, revalidating its continuity year after year with the association’s recognition. A recognition thanks not only to the charms and preservation of its old town, which encompasses the whole village, but also because of its history and cultural imprint.
The celebration of the “Day of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain” is to defend the preservation of the artistic and cultural heritage of the country’s most beautiful places, among them Mojácar.
A special day, which aims to highlight the work carried out throughout the year, both by the association and by all the municipalities of which it is made up.
Emmanuél Agüero underlined the importance and significance for Mojácar of making up part of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain and the commitment, always present, which it involves in all orders of municipal action.
The manifesto, which was read out in all the municipalities belonging to the network, highlights the support of their local populations, following a year and a half of the pandemic, recognising the efforts of our society to move forward. Nor could it be without a fond remembrance for all those who we have lost and who will never be replaced.
But The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain’s firmest request focuses on being taken into account at this crucial time for assistance and funds which have to come from Europe, really reaching our towns, calling on the State institutions to support, without the slightest doubt, our people, our productive framework, our tourism, our countryside.
Finally, in the name of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain Association, and of the whole of Mojácar and the local government, Emmanuel Agüero wanted to send a message of solidarity to the Canary Island of La Palma, which continues to be devastated by the Cumbre Vieja volcano.