Mojácar celebrates the Day of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain

Mojácar has celebrated the official day of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain.

Mojácar has celebrated the official day of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain, commemorating its foundation in 2011 to promote, publicise, foster and preserve the cultural, natural and rural heritage of the municipalities of which it is comprised.
Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc, Mojácar Council Tourism Councillor, read out a manifesto as in the 105 localities which make up the network and of which Mojácar has been part since its creation.
On this occasion, Emmanuel Agüero, accompanied by the local Mayor, Rosa María Cano, and by members of the Government team, were joined by a delegation from the municipality of Peñíscola, a fellow member of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain Association, as well as by local residents and visitors who did not want to miss this moving act.
The Tourism Councillor highlighted the importance of the small towns as the guarantors of the preservation of our country’s heritage and culture. A great contribution that does not always receive recognition and support from the institutions.
In a solemn act in the Town Hall Square, they proceeded to raise the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain flag, which flies next to the Spanish and Andalucian flags.
Mojácar Tourist Office organised different activities for the day, among which a guided visit to the “La Canana” Museum stands out.
This association is successfully working on a brand image to help promote the recognition of quality tourist destinations and the exchange of ideas between members, as well as those initiatives which could serve to drive the promotion of their municipalities.
The work carried out by the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain organisation has been of great importance in driving and promoting tourism. Mojácar fully participates in all the activities and actively collaborates on all the new modernisation paths opened up by the association.
This collaboration is producing notable benefits, both in the increase and the quality of the services provided, with very satisfactory results, according to the Council Tourism Department, advantages that businesses in the sector also support.