The Valparaíso Foundation announces the 24th edition of the Paul Beckett poetry prize.


The Valparaíso Foundation, a private non-profit institution and artists’ residence in Mojácar, has announced the 24th edition of its “Paul Beckett” poetry prize, which is awarded to a book or a collection of poems.

The competing works, of free form, meter and theme, will have to be original and unpublished, not less than 500 verses or more than 700, must be submitted in Spanish and typed double-spaced on folio-sized sheets of paper, on one side only and in a duplicate copy.

The works will have to be submitted under a catchphrase or pseudonym, marked “For the Paul Beckett Poetry Prize”. To accompany the work a separate envelope, duly sealed, on which the name, surnames, address and telephone number of the author must appear, together with a brief bio-biographical note, stating the chosen catchphrase or pseudonym on the outside.

The admission period will end on 23rd December 2022. The works will be forwarded to the Valparaíso Foundation address at its headquarters in Madrid, Calle Miguel Ángel, no.1.

The amount of the prize will be 4,000 euros and the selected work will be published in the “Beatrice” collection, created for this purpose, within a year. Once this period has elapsed, the author will freely have their work, but at the time of its publication will have to record the distinction gained.

El jury will be presided over by prominent literary figures and by an academic, and their decision will be final. Its composition will be announced immediately after the decision.

The “Paul Beckett” poetry prize has been organised annually by the Valparaíso Foundation since 1999. Over the years, promising poets have been awarded the prize, such as Leopoldo de Luis, Antonio García and Juan Van Halen, and renowned figures have participated as judges: members of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, professors of the Spanish Language and National Poetry Awards, among others.

The projection and importance of this poetry competition have gone beyond the national sphere, getting books from America and even several European countries.

The Valparaíso Foundation was founded in 1990 by Paul and Beatrice Beckett in order to promote artistic creation and research in the field of fine arts, literature and music. It has a residence in Mojácar for artists, writers and researchers to provide financial support to any cultural activity.

Seminars, conference cycles and prizes in the distinct artistic disciplines are also held regularly at its Mojácar facilities.