Mojácar celebrates the European Day of Music.

The Mojácar Municipal Music Band offered a concert at the Multi-uses Centre to mark the European Day of Music.

This special day was celebrated with a unique event, joining 37 other municipal bands in Almería province via streaming to perform the national anthem together. This initiative was possible thanks to the Almeria Provincial Council and the Andalucía Federation of Music Bands.
Making the most of the occasion, following the performance of the Spanish anthem the members of the Municipal Music Band swapped their official uniforms for tunics and djellabas to offer a short concert of Moors & Christians marches.
For the second consecutive year, the health crisis created by Covid-19 has meant that Mojácar has not been able to celebrate what is its most international fiesta and the one of greatest importance for local residents.
The Municipal Music Band wanted to offer a small nod to the nostalgia of all Mojácar locals at the time of year when they would already have enjoyed this special festivity, as they have done for more than 30 years.
The young musicians performed two Moors & Christians marches. A very short, but intense programme, which was very much appreciated by the members of the public attending.
The Mojácar Municipal Music Band will soon be back on stage thanks to the improvement of the health measures. They are now preparing their traditional summer concert, which Mojácar Council includes in its programme of summertime cultural activities. It will take place on 29th July at 8.30pm in Plaza del Frontón in the locality’s old town.
The municipal music band was born in 2000, coming out of the Municipal Music School. Two years later it became a reality following the hard work and enthusiasm of its 70 members, most of them children and teenagers, the determination of its director and the unconditional support of Mojácar Council.
Culture and Youth Councillor, Raquel Belmonte, has always accompanied the music band on its trips and for all its performances since its beginnings, although for now all its activities outside the municipality are temporarily suspended.
“It is very satisfying to see the progress of our young people and how they are advancing, both in terms of performance and technically”, affirmed Raquel Belmonte.
“Today they are among the province’s best music bands.”