Manuel Martínez Hinojo exhibits in Mojácar


The painting exhibition which will be open to the public at the “La Fuente” Art Centre in Mojácar until the 15th July has been inaugurated.

On this occasion it is an exhibition of works by the artist Manuel Martínez Hinojo, who was joined at the inauguration by the Mojácar Town Hall Culture Councillor, Raquel Belmonte.

Manuel Martínez Hinojo is a native of Serón in Almería. Over the course of his long artistic carer he has taken part in various exhibitions, both collective and individual, throughout Almería province.

His way of expressing himself through painting has also been reflected in exhibitions outside the province, such as in Baza, Úbeda and different places in Andalucía.

In his participation in different painting competitions he has managed to obtain several awards during his career as a painter, notably the first prizes in the Dama de Baza Painting Competition, and that of the los Vélez and Huércal Overa areas, among others.

Hinojo, as he signs his paintings, has conveyed all his art and the feeling of his land through his paintings, capturing the light, the colour and the movement of his land in a very personal way and through such complicated techniques as watercolours.

The exhibition which is taking place in Mojácar will be made up of some works, the majority watercolours, although also on show will be some works in acrylic.

The chosen theme is nature: sunsets, the area’s country houses, beaches, local villages and some emblematic place of Mojácar. The exhibition is completed with some still lifes and portraits in which the painter also expresses his good work on the canvases.

The “La Fuente” Art Centre is open with free entry from Wednesday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm.