Mojácar celebrates the night of San Juan once again.

Mojácar has resumed its celebrations following two years of cancellations due to the pandemic and is preparing to celebrate the Night of San Juan, or St John’s Eve.

Following the custom, mainly on the Mediterranean coast, Mojácar Council is organising a grand party, open to everyone who wants to join in with this magical night.

For the occasion, the Playa del Descargador beach will serve as the setting and meeting point for the celebration.

The party will start for the youngest at 7pm, with inflatable water games, bouncy castle, games, dances, music and many surprises as well.

To recharge batteries and to continue celebrating what will be the shortest night of the year, the local council has planned a grand beach picnic at which the traditional sardines will be cooked over coals from 9.30pm onwards, and to keep everyone’s energy up until midnight.

When the clock strikes 12, a grand municipal bonfire with fireworks, along with a performance by the group Frecuencia Modulada, will keep the fun going.

The origin of the Night of San Juan fiesta represents a sun worship celebration, as well as a homage to harvest time and as a purifying element to burn off negative energies and open up to new stages of prosperity.

The Bible records the birth of St John the Baptist on this date, which was announced with a gran bonfire by Zechariah, maintaining as a result of this fact, the tradition of a bonfire on this night.

The local council puts on the fiesta and the bonfire. Now, each person, brings to the fire the ritual they consider most appropriate.

The celebration of the Night of San Juan is the night of legends and incantations, of rituals and spells. Remedies for nearly everything, and as the least, the opportunity to have a fantastic night in Mojácar.