Mojácar celebrates its most romantic nitght again.


Mojácar celebrates its most romantic night again this Saturday from 9.15pm onwards, and to also achieve the most beautiful kiss in the world.

In an international call, Mojácar surrenders to love, and all its streets and squares will show their most tender and sentimental side to all visitors who want to experience and enjoy an unforgettable night.

Mojácar shares with the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain and the Most Beautiful Villages in France, Italy, Belgium and Germany, in a total of more than 300 localities, a romantic night without precedent anywhere else. The romantic night, now in its sixth edition, pays homage to love with the most beautiful natural and spectacular heritage.

For this special night, thousands of balloons – around 5,000, red and white – will fill every corner of the old town.

It is essential to enter Mojácar through arches and columns, also formed by balloons, which will welcome everyone who’s in love. And of course, immortalise the moment in their special romantic photocalls.

The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain has organised a competition on its Instagram account, in which anyone can take part, sending their preferred photo taken during this celebration.

The village’s squares become improvised concert halls with romantic music in the open air which surrounds you and sets the atmosphere for the magic of these special corners.

The restaurants have special menus prepared to finish conquering the hearts which can still resist and the bars have magic formulas so that on this magic night nobody is oblivious to love.

Many surprises will emerge on the streets of Mojácar throughout the evening: mimes, surprises, performances, who knows what can happen?

This festivity is also ideal for enjoying as a family. The very youngest have fun playing among the balloons and hearts, running around the pedestrianised streets, discovering corners and surprises.

But the high point is expected at midnight in the Plaza Nueva, when at the sound of the 12 chimes of the Church and under a sky lit up by fireworks, everyone shows their affection, fondness and eternal love with the kiss “Most Beautiful in the World.”


At the same time at which in all the participating villages thousands of people will simultaneously kiss, raising the purest feeling of love to the skies.

It’s not necessary to have a partner. The kiss, like love, is universal. It can be a child a friend, a pet or whoever you want.

This same Plaza Nueva, from midnight onwards, will become a grand dance floor on its impressive viewing point, under the stars and for eternity.