Mojácar, pioneer of the clay pigeon shooting competition.

As part of the lead up to Mojácar’s San Agustín Fiesta, some of the best shots in the area and province made sure they turned up at the local clay pigeon shooting tournament to test their skills.

Organized by the Sports Department of Mojácar Council, this year’s event attracted 62 participants, including 1 female (who was in the top 18 and the tiebreaker), 2 juniors and several veterans. It was a very tightly fought competition with Granada entrants Francisco Alberto García Fernández and Francisco Martinez Muñoz and Juna López Asensio from Pulpí , sharing the first position and trophies.
The participants, who came from far and wide, raised the standard which resulted in none of the local participants (Rosendo Alarcón, José Montoya, Dionisio Campoy, Silvus y Antonio Invernón) being placed, although they all put a good performance, with Antonio Alarcón reaching a very good tiebreaker position.
Mojácar’s tradition of holding shooting competitions goes way back in time and they were actually the first and only ones that took place in the Almería province, even before the 1950’s. Heralding the start of Fiesta time, local hunting fans (who were at that time biggest group of shotgun owners) always looked forward to these events, which took place way out of town with rudimentary manual machines to throw the targets, which were then counted for the highest number of hits.
This unique custom was close to disappearing for ever from the province until Rosendo Alarcón, the son of the famous past Mayor Jacinto and an avid participant in the sport, was the driving force in rescuing this tradition, over 7 years ago. Rosendo took it up at 15, and, participates in competitions all over the country, where he has set up contacts with shooters from other clubs and, given a huge boost and life to the Mojácar tournament.