Successful launch for “Mojácar y su Guajira”

“Mojácar y su Guajira” is the latest book to be added to the growing number of works on the Town’s very special characteristics, written by José María Montoya Pérez, in collaboration with Mojácar Council and several local private entities.
The presentation took place at Mojácar’s Centro de Usos Múltiples and drew in a large audience including the Mayor, Rosmarí Cano, the Culture Councillor, Raquel Belmonte along with other members of the governing team, with many queuing to have this very well received book signed.
It is a compilation of unpublished compositions of the typical Guajira of Mojácar, written by him in homage to his friends and full of childhood memories and funny events that took place in the town, pulling together an historical tour of the Town from the mid 1800s to the present. Guajira is an old musical genre, generally evoking the goodness of rural life and romantic love stories
It is the culmination of thirty years of work or “even more”, according to the author, who from a very young age felt a special attraction for the ‘Guajira de Mojácar’, so different from that which was sung at church and, without any accompanying music.
José began to write and compose guajiras at a young age and promised himself that one day he would write this musical book, which includes a CD with Guajiras composed and sung by himself and his brothers.
A very popular figure locally, he has published other books such as his well-known “El Paquete de Don Juan” and “Gallinas en Pepitoria y Conejos al Ajillo” as well as being the writer of the Moors and Christians opening speeches.