Mojácar closes the training days for State Security Forces with a terrorist attack simulation

As the close to the Training and Awareness days for the State Security Forces held in Mojácar last week, a large-scale simulation of a terrorist attack was staged in the locality in which more than 200 people took part.
This simulation sought to evaluate and improve coordination and effectiveness in the response to an emergency with multiple victims, following a multidisciplinary approach between the different security, health and Civil Protection bodies and all those who could be necessary or intervene in large-scale emergency cases, including evacuation and establishment of a civilian tactical survival chain.
The Servigroup Hotel Marina Mar in Mojácar was the setting for this seminar named Victoria Consensus, the main aim of which was the adaptation of military assistance models to pre-meditated incidents with multiple victims in civilian environments.
In the presence of numerous civil authorities, among whom were the Mojácar Mayor, Francisco García Cerdá and the Tourism Councillor, María Gracia Alarcón, as well as military authorities from all the State Security Forces: Army, Civil Guard, National Police and Local Police.
The practices began with the entry into the hotel surroundings of a terrorist group pursued by police officers, exchanging gunfire. The alleged terrorists manage to enter the hotel facilities, injuring civilians and taking hostages. After overpowering the terrorists, the security forces have to evacuate and attend to the injured without knowing if there remain more unidentified threats such as other terrorists or even a bomb.
The simulation was carried out following the Victoria Consensus guidelines, evaluating the speed and effectiveness of care for victims, security of the area and coordination between the different bodies
The initial response to the direct threat was effective, demonstrating the major preparation of our troops and in the phase of taking care of the injured, also demonstrating the effectiveness of the collaboration between the security forces and the medical professionals.
Actors took part in this simulation, playing the role of injured people and serving the purpose of allowing police, doctors, nurses, psychologists, ambulances and members of Civil Protection to carry out their exercises. Tents were also set up where it was possible to see the care provided to the injured, as well as all the material, whether police or health, who take part in these cases and many of whom are new in the sector.
The Victoria Consensus simulation, according to those in charge of the days, are exercises of great importance for improving their preparation for these situations, highlighting the rapid response capacity and interdepartmental collaboration, as well as in important areas such as communication during the critical phases of the incident.
Practices that should be carried out more often given that the Victoria Consensus is a protocol that is constantly updated and that increases new tactics and materials as progress is made in the investigation and fight against terrorism or in all those cases that put citizen security at risk.
This is the second year that Mojácar has hosted these training and awareness sessions for the State Security forces.
It is organised by the Escuela de las Tres Armas, a national training company, leader in Spain, and the CIS Professorship, in collaboration with Mojácar Council and the Local Police, host of these sessions.