Mojácar venue for the training and awareness days for the state security bodies

A multidisciplinary police course for the State security forces has begun in Mojácar in which over four days more than 200 participants will be trained in different aspects of the police, health and security field.

This is the second year that Mojácar is hosting these training and awareness days for the State security forces: Local Police, National Police, Civil Guard and Army.

            It is organised by the Escuela de las Tres Armas, a national training company, leading in Spain, and the CIS Professorship, in collaboration with Mojácar Council and the Local Police.

            The purpose of these conferences is the dissemination of activities for security and defence. It consists of three lines of action: the basic in which verbal defence, the use of elementary means of defence and life support practices are worked on, a second line in which police shooting and haemorrhage control are practiced, and a third line in which entry into buildings and checking vehicles is practiced.

The Marina Mar hotel, located in Marina de la Torre and currently closed, has been chosen as the venue for this meeting, being the perfect setting to simulate events that could occur in real life.

  Following the awareness sessions, the plan is to stage a simulation of an emergency situation with multiple injuries, such as a terrorist attack.

For this meeting, the scale of what is called the final simulation has been increased, which will take place next Sunday, putting into practice the Victoria Consensus created by the military corps to respond to attacks with multiple victims and with which they will work over these days.

Businesses that are going to provide innovative materials will collaborate; teachers, both in defence and health matters: nurses and doctors specialising in emergencies to be able to put them into practice. In short, everything that the members of State Security have worked on over these days, also including civilians: doctors, Civil Protection, etc.

More than 200 people will take part in this final simulation to be able to participate in the entire assistance chain, from the moment the injuries occur, whether due to firearms, bladed weapons, etc., until they are evacuated to a reference hospital.

These days were created three years ago by the Tres Armas School with the aim of carrying out research, awareness and training activities through different lines of action in which efforts were combined, whether professionals, associations and administration.

In the field of defence, The Tres Armas School is taking part in areas of research with businesses, both in health matters for police and military and in activities related to the use of force, thereby developing specialised protocols and procedures.

This is the case of the Victoria Consensus, which seeks to standardise models such as the American one, already in operation, adapting them to Spanish emergencies.

It is about implementing a protocol in the event an attack occurs in Spain and the State Security Forces and Bodies, health sector workers, security guards or any group in the field of security, know how to tackle and help in an event of these characteristics.