Mojácar Council presents innovations for more accesible and safer beaches

Mojácar, one of the most emblematic tourist destinations on the Almería coast, has kicked off its sun and beach high season. The municipality has already welcomed the first visitors with new materials on its beaches, aimed at improving the comfort and enjoyment of all bathers.

Mojácar Mayor, Francisco García, attended the launch of all these new service facilities together with the Festivities Councillor, Pascual Artero. The Mayor emphasised that: ‘These improvements are a testament to our commitment to offering inclusive, safe and comfortable beaches for all our visitors. The investment in new service vehicles and beach infrastructure not only improves bathers’ experience, but also reinforces everyone’s safety and well-being.’

For this season a series of new facilities have been added that will significantly improve the Mojácar’s beaches experience. Among the new features, the addition of amphibious chairs and accessible pergolas, shade canvases and new walkways stand out, as well as bin islands to promote cleanliness and recycling. The improvements will continue throughout the bathing season when new lifeguard modules and toilets will be installed and informative panels with embossed QR codes added.

Mojácar’s beaches are open to walking on, sitting on and bathing throughout the year. However, lifeguard and rescue services are only operational from the 15th of June, coinciding with the start of the official bathing season.

The 2024 beach season promises to be one of the best to date, with improved facilities and a renewed focus on accessibility and sustainability.