Mojácar Council will invest nearly one million euros in infraestructure improvements in the municipality

Mojácar Council plans to undertake works to improve the municipality’s infrastructure and replace road surfaces, as well as on the existing sanitation and supply networks in different streets of the locality.

These works are contemplated in the general budgets for 2024, approved at a plenary session and for an amount of 930,000 euros. The Local Council will carry out these improvement works throughout this year.

The improvements that will be carried out regarding the water supply in Mojácar are essential to guarantee the supply of drinking water, which will significantly contribute to its proper functioning and the sustainable development of the municipality.

On this point, it is important to highlight the importance of correctly checking the drinking water network and repairing damaged pipes if necessary to avoid possible unnecessary losses.

Mojácar Council is very aware of what it means to create efficient management of an increasingly scarce resource such as water.

This guarantees the conservation of the natural environment, addressing climate change through the implementation of adapted and sustainable infrastructure, as well as maintaining the quality of life now enjoyed in Mojácar.

The road surfacing is a fundamental part of the improvement works in the municipality’s infrastructure, mainly in urban areas, depending on the specific needs of each street.
The quality of its streets’ surfaces not only affects the mobility and accessibility of residents and visitors, but also road safety and the aesthetics of the surroundings.

As well as improving the road surfacing, improving or incorporating elements for water management and preserving its quality will be studied.

Without doubt, the purpose of these works planned by Mojácar Council is not only to improve the services offered to citizens, but also to contribute to the tourist development of the locality, offering visitors a sustainable and quality environment.