The Mojácar indoor football team will represent Almería in the Andalucía indoor football youth cup

The “Mojácar Indoor Football” team will in its first year represent Almería in the Andalucía Cup in the indoor football youth category.

Despite competing for a short time, the Mojácar indoor football team is achieving the best rankings, both in the Andalucía Championship and the Almería Cup and is among the top places in the youth category.
In their debut as a team, they are already included in the Andalucía Championship that will be held on the 10th, 11th and 12th of May in La Carlota, Córdoba, representing Almería.
This classification came thanks to two well-deserved victories and their good work in winning the league playoffs, eliminating Alhama de Almería with a score of 4-3 in the first leg and 1-3 in the second leg of the double-match semi-finals. The Mojácar team only lost one match and by a narrow victory of one goal, but it gave them a place in the championship on obtaining the best result of all the Almería teams aiming to compete in the Andalucía Cup.
At the same time, they are playing in the Almería Cup, with an undisputed first place in the league table and six points to their credit in just the two fixtures played so far.
They are on a winning streak of eight matches and only one defeat with a tight score of 3-4. A record that gives an idea of the high level of the Mojácar players and their unstoppable trajectory despite their short experience in competition.
Their coaches couldn’t be more pleased with the trajectory of their young team. Just one year and they are already achieving great success.
For their coach, Appel Laiche, “things are going very well” and he wants to thank for their support Mojácar Council; the Sports Councillor, Jesús Montoya; the manager and the monitors.
The team is part of the Municipal Sports School, a new discipline, created with a lot of effort, with the backing of the sports department for a category that had never been officially practiced in Mojácar and which therefore has started from scratch.
One fact demonstrates its meteoric move forward: initially Mojácar Indoor Football started with only seven players and today the team has increased to 16.
Their objective is focused on finishing first in the Almería Cup and winning the Andalucía Championship, bringing both trophies to Mojácar.
Both their coaches and the players feel very ready to achieve this. They’re not lacking in enthusiasm and good play.
Mojácar Council and the Sports Department are to be congratulated on the results obtained in their sports management, as their Municipal Sports School is proving to be the talent pool for teams which, in different disciplines, are putting the locality’s sports among the top in the province.