Mojácar Council reward the Town Band

Mojácar Council once again thanked their Town Band by means of the annual mini holiday, organised through the Culture Department in recognition for the hard work these young musicians do throughout the year.

From September 20th to the 23rd, Cartaya in Huelva was the main base for the group of 48 members, who were able to join the trip, although even before that their first stop was in Malaga to take in the famous Cirque de Soleil show.
Moving then into Portugal, they visited the stunning capital city of Faro, with a day with a day at the country’s largest theme park, Aquashow. They then had a chance to show off their skills and energy on a full range of multi-adventure activities such as climbing, zip lines, kayaks, surfing, biking and obstacle circuits. On the journey home, a stop was made at the spectacular Rio Tinto Mining Park, that included a scenic ride on early twentieth locomotives that pulled the wagons along the route.
Mojácar’s Education Councillor, Ana García, along with the Band’s Director and one of their teachers accompanied the group throughout. It was, according to Ana, a more than justified treat, as a thank you for their conscientious musical studies and their participation in over 30 performances during the year at fiestas, concerts and special events. As always, regardless of the age difference between these 10 to 30 year olds, there was a wonderful atmosphere of fun and friendship throughout the whole excursion.