The Valparaíso Foundation announces Paul Beckett poetry prize.

The Valparaíso Foundation has announced the 21st “Paul Beckett” poetry award with a prize of 4,000 Euros for either an original, unpublished book or collection of poems..

The subject is open, with a minimum of 500 verses and a maximum of 700, with a closing date of December 20th, after which the judging will be carried out by leading people from the literary world.
The winning work will be edited for the specially created “Beatrice” collection within one year and after that time, the author will be free to publish their work, with an acknowledgment to the distinction given. The winner will be announced in February and the results circulated by the Foundation and, through the media.
The works must be submitted under a pseudonym indicating “Para el premio de Poesía Paul Beckett” accompanied by the author’s personal data in a separate sealed envelope, delivered to the Valparaíso Foundation in Madrid at Calle Miguel Ángel 1.
The Valparaíso Foundation is a private non-profit institution, which was created in 1990 by Paul and Beatrice Beckett in Mojácar, with the aim of promoting creativity and research in fine arts, literature and music. Some outstanding work is carried out at the Foundation in Mojácar where residential scholarships are offered to selected artists, writers and researchers, with the collaboration of the local Council through its Culture Department.
As well as the Paul Beckett literary awards, the Foundation also provides financial support to any cultural activity or individuals dedicated to teaching and research in this field, as well as to conferences, exhibitions and awards within a wide range of artistic disciplines. The Foundation also collaborates with Mojácar Council on the excavation work being done at “Mojácar la Vieja” by Granada University, a project of great cultural and touristic importance to both the town and the province.