Mojácar Council´s Women´s Day Trip to Úbeda and Baeza

With International Women’s Day on March 8th in mind, Mojácar Council organized a trip to Jaén, taking in Úbeda and Baeza, for the annual weekend getaway which is always seen a as a great opportunity to take a break from the daily routine and have some fun.

The destination had been chosen by the women themselves, a World Heritage Site since 2003 and, a perfect destination that combines history, tradition, landscape and great regional food.
With their guide, they began in Úbeda, taking in the panoramic views of this 6,000 year old city with visits to the Plaza Vázquez de Molina, Palacio Déan Ortega, Capilla del Salvador and Basilica of Santa María de los Reales Alcáceres.

The actual day of celebration was spent in Baeza, with a guided tour around the Renaissance buildings and the classrooms where the famous Spanish poet Antonio Machado taught his French and literature classes.
As always, the whole trip was a great success for the group of 40 women, aged between 30 and 80 years old, who all enjoyed being in each other’s company whilst touring the beautiful Jaén area. A big thank you went to local Councillors Ana García and María Luisa Pérez also, who accompanied on the trip. With lots of the weekend’s best moments and stories to share on their way home, there was also time to put forward some ideas for next year’s highly anticipated destination.