Top Almerian watercolourist show at Mojácar.

Mojácar’s La Fuente Art Gallery recently opened its doors to an exhibition of watercolour paintings by the prestigious ‘Agrupación Almeriense de Acuarelistas,’ which has some of the top artists in the province.

The official inauguration was attended by the local Culture Councillor, Raquel Belmonte, who had the opportunity to chat to some of the artists about their paintings after a studious walk around this stunning exhibition.
Association President, María Mira, spoke about the group’s progress since they started off in 2008 and, the 40 members meet every Friday to work together on their watercolours at El Bajo de Santa Teresa, Almería.
Painting at first under the eye of Visconti, the well-known Almerían artist and also their President of Honour, the group has journeyed over the years through the wonderful world of watercolour, renowned for its luminous colours and soft shapes. The Association was fortunate to have Visconti’s expertise in guiding them along the way to capture the beauty of the province’s magical corners, until his 94th year.
There are 57 paintings in the exhibition by 22 artists, with the most charming parts of Mojácar strongly represented, as well other places around Almería and different parts of the world. It is the second time that the Association has exhibited at Mojácar’s La Fuente gallery and, their previous good experience was enhanced by the new lighting that has helped to further reinforce the beauty of the paintings displayed.
In addition to coming along to enjoy the show, visitors also have the chance to purchase the watercolours at a “reasonable price,” said the President, although
the exhibition is very well worth a visit, be it to collect art or just simply admire it.
The free to enter exhibition at La Fuente Centro de Arte is open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. until 31st March.