The Mojácar tourism councillor takes part in a meeting with the Granada tourism sector

Tourism Councillor María Gracia Alarcón attended a meeting in Granada with businesspeople from the province’s tourism sector to promote the municipality and to tell them about Mojácar’s tourism campaign, offers and activities for 2024.
Along with Mojacar, municipal representatives from the most important localities in Almería province also took part, such as the Almería provincial capital, Roquetas de Mar, Níjar and Vera.
María Gracia Alarcón presented to the Granada tourism sector not only the line of work that Mojácar will carry out throughout the year, in which she highlighted the actions on seasonality and the progress made so far and from which benefits are already being gained, registering great progress, as reflected in the data provided by the hotel and hospitality sector.
She also reported on the boost that the Sustainability Plan represents for the municipality, endowed with 4.5 million euros, which represents, according to the councillor: “a great help for the fight against seasonality, an increase in the quality of the tourism experience and an improvement in the use of our multiple resources.”
However, her department, and the entire local authority Government Team being involved, are working on many fronts, especially getting behind sports tourism.
Mojácar’s climate, which allows for the enjoyment of an excellent temperature year-round, makes it the ideal destination, not only for sports enthusiasts and amateur and professional athletes, but also for family weekend getaways and mainly for the big professional teams, which have already chosen Mojácar as the place for winter or preparatory training for national and international competitions, as well as for staging their most important competitions.
In this regard, cycling is a sector that has already found in Mojácar the ideal location to take into account when it comes to planning their training or sports trips.
Other sectors such as golf, hiking or those related to nautical, among many others, are also beginning to position themselves in the municipality.
As María Gracia Alarcón informed the businesspeople who attended the meeting, the offer of family tourism of which Mojácar is a pioneer and being a member of the Spanish Federation of Families, is one of the locality’s facets that is also arousing interest and represents a different and quality free time and leisure offer.
The culture, its festivals, with national recognition, and its cuisine, with restaurants awarded with international prizes, complement the offer of sun and beach as well as the fact of being part of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain Association and a Ferrero Rocher Village.
María Gracia Alarcón described the meeting as very positive as it has allowed her to come into direct contact with the tourism business fabric of a very nearby province, and from which more and more visitors are registered.
As the councillor was able to personally confirm, for Granada Mojácar is a nearby destination, easy to get to and that offers many alternatives that can complement the province’s offer, according to what the Granada businesspeople themselves told her.