Excellent debut for the Mojácar Rhythmic Gymnastics team with two gold medals and one silver.

The students of the Mojácar rhythmic gymnastics team, belonging to the Municipal Sports School, have now started the competition season, taking part in the first phase of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Promotion Circuit organised by the Almería Provincial Council and held in the Huércal de Almería Paco Navarro pavilion.

Although for the Mojácar team this meeting was not qualifying because it did not correspond to their area, the teacher, María del Mar Montoya, considered the presence of the teams to be opportune so that they could gain experience in the case of the new incorporations and, in general, as making contact with and entering into the competitive dynamics of all its components.
Eight teams travelled to Huércal de Almería, although nine teams were scheduled to participate. A last-minute injury to one of the gymnasts made it not possible on this occasion.
This first competition couldn’t have gone better. As well as all the participants receiving a diploma, the mini-babies team, aged four and five, won a silver medal and two gold medals went to the team of cadets and infant 2.
The Mojácar rhythmic gymnastics team has grown a lot since its creation three years ago. From the 20 girls with whom María del Mar Montoya started out working, it has got to more than 70 students in this school year, with ages from three years old for the youngest to 15 for the oldest.
The next meeting will be in Garrucha on the 23rd of March, now battling for the points on the Almería Provincial Council circuit. Also this year, as last year, they plan to take part in the Costa de Almería Cup, a tournament of great relevance within this sporting field that in its 2023 edition alone had close to 700 participants.
The 2024 plans also include preparing to be at the Andalucian Championship next year, where, without a doubt, they will be able to make a great impression.