Mojácar celebrates Andalucía Day with the Municipal Music Band and a giant Paella

Mojácar celebrated Andalucía Day 2024 with the raising of the Andalucian flag in the Town Hall Square in the presence of all the Local Authority councillors and many members of the public, residents and visitors, who wanted to join in this moving moment.

Mojácar Mayor Francisco García Cerdá had the responsibility of the official flag raising while the locality’s Municipal Music Band performed the Andalucian anthem.
Once the Andalucian flag was flying in the Town Hall square along with the national and European Union flags, the Municipal Music Band offered a concert to the attendees with a selection of pasodobles and traditional music that they could enjoy and which was highly applauded.
Mojácar Council had also planned, as usual, to celebrate such a special day with a giant paella, which they shared free of charge with all those who wanted to come to the celebration of this festivity.
To top it all off, the staging of a performance of “Sangre Flamenca” could not be missed, which brought to a close a 28th of February that in Mojácar, as in all parts of Andalucía, was experienced with great joy.
For their part, the schoolchildren of the Mojácar Public School had already celebrated their special Andalucía Day last Tuesday with a special breakfast: an “Andalucian breakfast” that they were able to enjoy at breaktime.
All the pupils, more than 350, attended class dressed in the typical costume or with significant details: flowers, scarves, hats and caps that gave a note of colour to the school playground.
Mojácar Council and the Centre provided the breakfast, consisting of bread with natural tomato and virgin olive oil.
A good way to celebrate Andalucía Day, promoting and encouraging young people to keep up popular traditions, full of good sense, which include, as a very important part, cuisine and the use of local products.
Andalucían cuisine, the Mediterranean diet in general, is not only healthy food, it is another facet of the culture of Andalucía that is becoming more valued every day among young people and that cannot be forgotten.