Mojácar celebrates World Book Day with different activities throughout the week

Mojácar Council, through the Culture Department, has celebrated World Book Day with different activities that began with a meeting at the Mojácar Public Library on the 23rd, as well as other activities organised for the 27th of April on the seafront with a reading marathon, at which extracts of “Don Quixote” will be read by all those who want to join in with this initiative, as well as lettering workshops given by María Ángeles Fernández, an illustration workshop run by the Daniel Zapata Academy, “Dojo Almería”, and a cap design and painting workshop headed by “El Mundo del Bicho Verde”.

All these proposals will be on the 27th of April from 11am to 1pm on the Mojácar beachfront promenade and anyone interested in taking part in any of these activities must register through the following link:

The first of the activities created by the Culture Department began last February with the proposal “The Lost Book.”
Under this slogan and in preparation for World Book Day, seven copies of “Stories to Think About” by author Jaime Bucay were distributed around different parts of the municipality.
Interested residents had to find the copies, read them and go along to a subsequent meeting at the Municipal Library, coinciding with World Book Day and discuss their reading, comment on their feelings or whatever they thought pertinent within the world of literature.
Culture Councillor Noemí Linares was at this event at the Municipal Library, acting as moderator and raising some current issues in relation to reading and its author.
For this first “Lost Book”, the Local Council proposed the reading of “Stories to Think About”, a compilation of 26 stories that make us reflect on some of our actions that many times we do without thinking about their consequences and aim to make us become aware of how we behave with our fellow human beings.
Jorge Bucay is a very well-known Argentinean writer and therapist, recognised for his self-help and self-improvement books, which have made him one of the best-selling authors in Spain and Argentina in his genre.
A very satisfactory gathering, with the readers who found the copy of “Stories to Think” attending. A great initiative that not only encourages reading, debate and reflections on what the authors say, but also offers the opportunity to meet and make contact with other reading enthusiasts who may not have had the opportunity to meet each other.
For Culture Councillor Noemí Linares this first experience and this meeting with the municipality’s readers was very satisfactory, reaffirming municipal support for all activities related to books, reading and readers.
Hence, along this line of support for culture in any of its forms, Mojácar Council has created other initiatives such as the “Literary Space”, that is bringing to the locality the most important authors of Spanish literature, as is the case so far, with Carmen Mola, Julia Navarro and Lorenzo Silva, without forgetting the gatherings with filmmakers, painting exhibitions and the creation of a future museum that will bring together numerous works created in the locality.