The 2024 III Mojácar Short Film Competition closes with the presence of the actor Jaime Riba

The III Short Film Competition in Mojácar, bringing together Almería filmmakers in a conference, which for this edition was held in the locality between the 12th and 20th of April at the Multi-Uses Centre, has come to a close.

Around 700 people were able to enjoy the interesting offer that the competition offered, whether viewing the short films or taking part in the master classes held during the gathering.
One of the many novelties of this year’s Mojácar Short Film competition was the extension of the screenings of the short films: at 9pm and 11pm, to be able to be viewed by those spectators who for reasons of work could not attend. The step was very well received and the Multi-Uses Centre was filled to capacity at both sessions.
Attending the closing was the Junta de Andalucía’s Tourism, Culture and Sports delegate in Almería, Juan José Alonso, the Mojácar mayor, Francisco García, accompanied by members of his government team, as well as the competition director, Antonio Casado, directors, actors, members of the short film production teams and a large audience.
Francisco García pointed out the creation, innovation and passion the professionals achieve through short “but impactful” stories. He also wanted to make special mention of the pupils of the Mojácar schools, Bartolomé Flores Public School and Rey Alabez Institute, for their excellent work in the short films made, “demonstrating the talent of the young people of Mojácar.”
In reference to the celebration of the Mojácar short film competition, the mayor described it as “an excellent showcase of the world of cinema, also a platform to publicise the diversity of voices and perspectives of our cinematographic panorama.”
The mayor wanted to highlight and pay tribute to all the people involved in the world of cinema who, with their work, give us “works of art” that represent a “window to new opportunities to connect on a deeper level.”
On this last day there was the presence of the guest of honour, Jaime Riba, who addressed the audience, recalling his beginnings in theatre and in Vera’s musicals.
Today Jaime Riba is a renowned actor who has been in highly successful series such as “Centro Médico”, “Caronte” and “La que se avecina”. Throughout this weekend, he had the opportunity to again go around the streets of Mojàcar which he knows well from his childhood and was received at the Town Hall by the Culture Councillor, Noemí Linares, and to sign the Town Hall’s Book of Honour. At the closing gala, he was presented by the mayor with a marble Indalo handcrafted for the occasion.
In addition, a diploma was awarded to the 15 directors of the short films which took part in this competition.
Satisfaction was in the air due to the success of this third edition, now thinking about 2025 and a more than promising future for this initiative that gets better every year and takes a well-deserved position in the cinematographic panorama of the province.