Berlin artist Rolf-Gerhard Lange exhibits at The “La Fuente” Municipal Art Center in Mojácar

A painting exhibition has opened in Mojácar at the “La Fuente” Municipal Art Centre, showing until the 31st of January works by the artist Rolf-Gerhard Langue.

Born in the German city of Berlin, he has lived in Mojácar since May 2022, creating all his work in the town since then.

He studied architecture and urban planning, among other humanistic disciplines, at his hometown’s UT.

Drawing has been his main hobby since he was a child, and his first childhood memories are always of painting.

His talent also leads him to design, creating furniture and various objects, including occasional inventions.

The exhibition is an indication of his development and evolution as an artist and shows the different stages of the painter over the years.

It starts with a watercolour painted in 1954 and ends with his latest works in acrylic. Going around, the viewer can find studies and practices in all the pictorial techniques employed by the author, but which are also a reflection of the evolution of art, of the artistic styles of painting, and in short of society itself over the last 50 years.

Culture Councillor Noemí Linares attended the opening, as well as many members of the public who did not want to miss this interesting exhibition where the life’s work of the artist Rolf-Gerharad Langue is on display.

Noemí Linares expressed her satisfaction at the success of the inauguration and for the “La Fuente” Municipal Art Centre’s good track record. This exhibition space brings together the works of local painters or painters living in the area, now having a long list of requests for its use. At the same time, the level of the works on display is increasingly greater, which also confirms Mojácar’s history as a favourite location for them to live and as a source of inspiration.

For the exhibition opening, Iris Langue, the artist’s daughter, wanted to pay a small tribute to her father with a flamenco dance performance that complemented the inauguration and the traditional glass of Spanish wine usually offered on these occasions.

Iris Langue has for many years been the director of a well-known flamenco school in Hamburg. She has with her flamenco group done numerous tours on stages throughout Europe.


The “La Fuente” Municipal Art Centre will be open, free of charge, from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 2.m.