Success of teacher Jesús González Clares’s Artistic Ceramics Workshop in Mojácar

Among the multiple activities organised by the Local Council for Christmas and winter in Mojácar municipality, the Artistic Ceramics Workshop stands out, which has been one of the most popular and successful for participation of those held so far.

The Artistic Ceramics Workshop has been run by the prestigious teacher Jesús González Clares, who has a degree in Fine Arts and is currently dedicated to the preservation and restoration of cultural assets such as the heritage of the Alhambra and the Generalife and the San Miguel Church, all in Granada. He is currently restoring the façade of Úbeda Town Hall in Jaén.

More than 20 students of all ages took part in this workshop held in Mojácar and organised by Mojácar Council and the Almería Provincial Council, totally covering the planned capacity.

It consisted of two parts: one of pottery and another of 3D modelling. In the pottery section, each student was able to make a free piece, limited only by their imagination and the characteristics of the wheel, which allows nothing more than cylindrical figures. In 3D modelling you work with the casting technique, an elementary and basic method for making sculptures in any subsequent material desired. Hence through casting it is also possible to afterwards make many other artistic applications.

The result of this first experience of the ceramics workshop has been thoroughly satisfactory, both for the teacher and for Mojácar Council and mainly for the students, who have expressed their interest in it carrying on, and if this is possible, the possibility of including many interested people who could not attend this first practice with clay as there was such a large demand that it far exceeded the capacity and who have expressed their interest in it continuing.