Mojacar full moon walk

Mojácar´s Full moon walk.

Mojácar has a number of things for visitors and residents to do, apart from enjoying the beach and the usual places. A different option, is to go along the town’s walking routes and discover some amazing beauty spots and unique points of historical interest, as well take in the Sierra Cabrera’s very special landscape.
To add to the interest of these already fascinating local routes, Mojácar Council recently organised a moonlit group walk along the Mena-Macenas path in coordination with Almeria’s Diputación Provincial, as part of their walking and hiking sports programme.

Over the years, these moonlit events have become a must for hikers to do and this year, participation exceeded expectation with 51 walkers
taking part along the 10 km “medium-low” difficulty path which takes in points of both economic and social history. Accompanied by two guides, members of Civil Protection along with Mojácar Sports Councillor, Ana García, the group made stops along the way to hear about the most emblematic places.

The Mena-Macenas path takes the visitor back to its mining past, which starts with the tracks left by the muleteers and iron transporters and continues through the Nazarí past and the defence of the Mediterranean coast. All this is surrounded by a unique fauna and flora such as the “limonium estevei”, an endemic species to the area which is in danger of extinction.
Mojácar Council maintains three very picturesque routes, including; Las Huertas to Mojácar (which runs along by the Río Aguas), Marina de la Torre to Mojácar Pueblo and La Mena to Macenas, all of which the Tourism Department are sure you will find a great experience.