Musical workshop at Mojácar´s summer school


Musical Workshop at Mojácar´s summer school

The leading American composer, Faye-Ellen Silverman, paid a visit to Mojácar’s Summer School recently as part of her residential scholarship awarded by the local Council through the Valparaiso Foundation.

In her musical workshop, the children listened to some pieces from her own work “Stories of Manhattan”, as well as spending the day learning about musical composition and how to create their own rhythms and tunes.

Born in New York, Faye-Ellen began her music studies at age 4, then at the young age of 13 she played at Carnegie Hall with a piece of her own, as well as being bestowed a Leopold Stokowski Award.

Her broad and brilliant career has led her to represent the United States with her own music and, for UNESCO as well as appearing at concerts throughout her country. She has also performed across Europe and involved herself in many other successful activities related to the world of music and composition.

Raquel Belmonte, Mojácar’s Culture Councillor who took part in the workshop said “many of the young people here today are members of Mojácar’s Town Band and the Music School and it is a great opportunity for them to learn about music from a different point of view at the hand of a great composer.

Together with Faye-Ellen Silverman, three other recipients of Valparaíso Foundation scholarships have been working in Mojácar during the last two weeks. Belgian visual artist Luc Gobyn, Spanish writer Nuria Lasbari and Danish writer Bjarne Clare Hastrup have also all had the opportunity to get acquainted Mojácar while staying in the town, which has been a source of great inspiration to these international artists.