Mojácar celebrates Halloween this weekend

This Friday, 27th October, Mojácar will hold its Halloween party, one of the most looked forward to celebrations for all children and young people in the municipality and neighbouring towns.

“Jaliween Mojácar” is organized by the AMPA, “El Jali”, of Bartolomé Flores School, in collaboration with the Mojácar Town Council.
Mojácar was one of the pioneering towns in celebrating this festival, and this year celebrates its 25th anniversary which coincides with the founding of AMPA, “El Jali”, by Mrs. Reding. She created this association in Bartolomé Flores School, which, at that time, already had many students from other countries, especially from the United Kingdom.
Every year, Mojácar’s Multipurpose Centre becomes a terrifying stage where children, young people, parents and entire families gather in costume to enjoy a very special evening.
Here you will find the Tunnel of Terror and the Panic Room, both of which cause quite a sensation amongst the visitors and are the most requested games; but there will be many more games too, games that vary from year to year. There will also be tables with sweets, refreshments and drinks for parents to regain strength between frights!
Without doubt the event most looked forward to is the costume contest, which is divided into three categories: individual, groups and families.
The contestants will parade around the stage which will be decorated for the occasion with tombs, mummies, giant spiders and their many webs plus mysterious presences. They will show their costume to a judging panel which this year will be made up by the Mayor of Mojácar, Francisco García Cerdá, a representative of the parents of the school and another from AMPA.
From 6:00 p.m., on the 27th October, at Mojácar´s Multipurpose Centre, all those who come from the other world have an appointment to spend a terrifying evening full of fun.
The proceeds from “Jaliween” will be donated by AMPA for improvements in the school such as sports equipment, mirrors in the toilets, etc.
The Parents Association of Bartolomé Flores School also participates in many of the activities that take place in Mojácar throughout the year.
The next events planned are for Christmas, the Disney party, carnivals, with masks and costumes workshops and Andalucia Day.
The new board of AMPA already has in it´s agenda to start a campaign and appeal to the parents of Bartolomé Flores School to become members and to actively collaborate throughout the year.