Mojácar has increased its recycling of glass containers by 43% more than the previous year.


Mojácar municipality, a participant in the Ecovidrio company Green Flags movement, has in the 2022 edition collected 110,764 kilos of glass containers, which represents an increase of 43.4 per cent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Mojácar has therefore surpassed Ecovidrio’s challenge in the competition which this company promotes for the Green Flags Movement, which involves actions to respond to the increase in the generation of these residues in coastal areas and in the summer season, due to tourism.

The organisation of this distinction has thanked Mojácar Local Council, residents and hospitality businesses for their efforts and work carried out, taking a further step forward in the transition to a circular economy and in the fight against climate change, becoming “an example of green recovery.”

Green Flags is established as one of the key initiatives of the Ecovidrio alliance with the hospitality sector. Taking part in this third edition of the Green Flags Movement have been 144 local councils and more than 15,000 hospitality sector establishments from five autonomous communities: the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Murcia and Andalucía.

The 2022 Ecovidrio 2022 campaign has consisted of different actions to increase the recycling of glass containers in summer. In this time alone a third of the containers put into circulation are consumed and 52 per cent of these are generated directly in the hospitality sector, hence their involvement is key in order to produce a real transition towards a more circular and decarbonised model.

Mojácar has obtained the highest points in Almería province, followed by the provincial capital, and fifth place for the whole of the autonomous community of Andalucía.

Both Mojácar Council and the locality’s tourism sector, especially the hospitality sector, have worked efficiently to collaborate on this campaign, which is yet another action that the local authority, and through the Tourism Department and the locality’s business community, has been taking throughout the year to achieve a tourism in keeping with the new preferences, where the concerns about health and the consequences of climate change create an impact and a trend when it comes to choosing a sustainable, quality destination.