Mojácar hosts Andalucían Government´s “safe beach plan” presentation.

The presentation of the Andalucían Government’s Safe Beach Plan was recently held in Mojácar, attended by the town’s Mayor, Rosmari Cano and, the Almerían Delegate for the Andalucían Government, Maribel Sánchez Torregrosa. Also present were other Councillors from the Levante’s coastal municipalities including the Mayor of Vera, José Carmelo Jorge Blanco, the Mayor of Pulpí, Juan Pedro García and the Deputy Mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Miriam Quintana Navarro.

Rosmari Cano opened the session by voicing her appreciation for the “efforts of the Andalucían Government” for its great support to Mojácar and the other coastal towns by initiating the beach project that began last week and, will continue throughout the high summer season.

In Mojácar alone, 80 assistants are already monitoring the beaches, who along with Lifeguards, Local Police, Beach Police, and cleaning staff, will be guaranteeing total cleanliness, as well as peace and safety for all.

She went on to give her thanks for the Government’s contribution of 2 4×4 trucks, a pickup and buggy, as well as additional essential rescue equipment. Through the Department of Beaches and Tourism, great efforts have been made by the Council team, resulting in the award of six blue beach flags and seven SICTED tourism quality seals, amongst other awards. Now, with this important support from the Andalucían Government, Mojácar is proving to be one of the most requested coastal destinations.

Maribel Sánchez Torregrosa went on to stress the importance of these measures taken by the Andalucían Government, by prioritising help to local Councils with both human and material resources so that the region with its 217 kilometres of coastline continues to be a safe and sought after destination.

She also highlighted the launch of the initiative ‘AIRE’, the plan for employment revitalization, promotion and recovery that is allocating over a million euros to benefit the unemployed in Almerían towns. Reference was also made to the Andalucían Government’s promotion to boost job creation, through work placements projects across 103 Almerían municipalities.