Mojácar´s summer school starts up with increased safety measures for a smaller intake of children.

Mojácar’s Summer School is now up and running, adapting its activities this year to the current necessary safety requirements and regulations during our extraordinary health situation.

Children who live in the town whose parents need help while they are working are eligible to attend From July 1st to August 27th. Local Culture Councillor, Raquel Belmonte, along with the Mayor, Rosmari Cano, recognised the need for these classes to start up, even though it meant in a reduced way, in order to support families and the work-life balance for the people in the town, many of which have been going through difficult times.
In the current economic situation, in which keeping your employment has become more important than ever, the Council decided to maintain this summer service, even though it involves reinforced cleaning, disinfection and a host of safety measures for everyone.
The number of available places has decreased considerably compared to previous years, from around 150 to 200 children to 20, although many of the favourite facilities, such as the swimming pool are out of bounds with other games and activities subject to restrictive measures.
However, apart from trying to support working parents, the aims of the School remain the same, by offering the children a way to spend their free time over the summer holidays in enjoyable, educational activities that this year will focus even more on safety within new coexistence rules.
Raquel Belmonte added that “it is always exciting to see the children’s enthusiasm and energy undertaking new challenges, with this year’s added excitement of reuniting with schoolfriends they may not have seen for a long time. We also have the added responsibility of showing them that they have to interact in a safe, yet different way without, of course, making it less interesting or fun for everyone.”