Mojácar hosts Modern Art Collective with paintings, photography and sculpture on show

On September 29th, one of the most interesting exhibitions held so far at Mojácar’s “La Fuente” Art Gallery will end, after a successful
collective show of painting, sculpture and photography. Works from the town archives by leading artists who took part in a series of art courses organized by the local Council in the 1990s have been included. These were sponsored at the time by the Andalucían Government, the Almerían Institute of Studies and various local companies, along with the collaboration of the Arteleku Circle of Fine Arts and the Provincial Council of Navarra.

These Mojácar Art Courses were. at the time. under the Presidency of Antonio Bonet Correa, Professor at Madrid’s Complutense University and President of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Arts. Collaborators such as Alfonso Albacete, Lucio Muños, Amalia Avia, and Juan Manuel Bonet also took part in the project. Each of the scholarship artists donated one piece of work to Mojácar Council, which today forms an important pictorial collection of modern art by those artists who have worked in or passed through the town.
Also included in the show is a painting donated by the well-known Murcian artist, Alfonso Albacete, as well as outstanding pieces of sculpture and photography, with Rod Westwood and Emilio Aramburu presenting some magnificent photographs taken this year. Emilio has also presented a selection of photos taken during the recent Mojácar la Vieja archaeological campaign, which forms a valuable testimony to the work being carried out on the excavation. The sculpture on display is also noteworthy, in an exhibition that forms a valuable testimony to some great expressive artists, each with their own style.
The Municipal Art Centre “Fuente de Mojácar” is open to the public, with free entrance, Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.