Mojácar reports an excellent summer season with almost 100% occupation

The Directors of Mojácar’s hotel chains unanimously reported a very successful summer, at a recent meeting with Tourism Councillor, Emmanuel Agüero, which was also attended by the new Director of the Marina de la Torre Golf Course. Following on from last year’s exceptionally busy high season, these increased numbers have seen Mojácar fare extremely well compared to other destinations, bringing economic stability despite the global tourism recession forecasts at the start of the year.

Quality hotels, with all the sport and leisure options, as well as the entertainment put on by the local Council, gave a high level of customer satisfaction. Without doubt, the dynamic local, provincial and regional promotional campaigns, including that done by Mojácar’s individual companies, have attracted national and international visitors to the town, with many hotels still busy welcoming holidaymakers until the end of October. There are many reservations placed already for next year, with also a high level of interest for the autumn and spring. One large British tour operator, with whom the town and province has an ongoing promotional agreement, doubled its customers from all over the United Kingdom this year.
Average occupation during August was touching 100%, although July was not far behind with just over 90%. Additionally, the hotels were very happy with the profile of their visitors this summer, particularly as it came predominantly from the family market.
The local Tourist Office dealt personally with over 8,000 enquiries and more than 6,000 by telephone, internet etc. which was an increase of 1,409 over last year. The Mojácar website also received around 28,000 visits in August, with a dramatic increase in the number of visitor reviews on Google, proving that the town is reaching far and wide on social networks.
Emmanuel Agüero also spoke at the hoteliers meeting about the significant investment that is to be made before Holy Week, for example, on walkways, new rescue and lifeguard units and beach accessibility. This summer season alone, Mojácar Council allocated 65,000 Euros towards beach improvements with the renovation of eleven showers, the installation of increased shaded areas, defibrillators, walkway manufacturing equipment and two amphibious chairs. There were also a series of ecological and environmental awareness workshops held as well as the Junior Lifeguard sessions given by Mojácar beach safety teams.
Additionally, local businesses have congratulated the Council on the cleanliness of the Old Town, which receives thousands of visitors daily, as well as for the many organised events which brought in many visitors through well circulated promotion. However, now the busy months have come to an end, both the Council and the businesses are determined to continue their work in attracting visitors throughout the year.
Mojácar’s Marina de la Torre Golf Course has recently been acquired by a leading French company that owns 60 courses in France along with their other recently acquired three courses in Murcia, plus 2 in Seville and Huelva. They have plans to remodel the Mojácar course, with the customer profile of the adjacent hotels in mind to attract more clients in the off season. Director, Kirck, is extremely excited about the project and will be part of the AndalucÍan Tourism stand at one of the most important golf fairs, which this year is to be held in Morocco. There are already several groups, from countries such as Sweden, coming during the autumn and winter to enjoy golfing breaks in the town. Sports tourism is of great importance in the low season, with many events such as the Andalucían Gran Fondo Costa de Almería Cycle Race, which will be held once again in Mojácar.