Mojácar hosts national veterans mountain Sport Federation 45th get together.

Last weekend, Mojácar turned into the HQ for the National Veteran Mountaineers 45th gathering, with around 600 members descending on the town from all over Spain.

This massive annual meeting is organized by the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing, FEDME, along with the Andalucían Mountaineering Federation, FAM.
The event was put together by its committee of Veterans together with the Club Excursionista Montenegro, in collaboration with Almería’s Provincial Council and the local Councils of Mojácar, Bédar, Cuevas del Almanzora, Pulpí, Sorbas and Níjar.
Among the activities programmed by the organization at different locations for these over 40 year old affiliated mountaineers, the Mena de Mojácar route attracted the highest number of participants out of all the suggested activities. Over 200 people, accompanied by the local Councillor for Sports, Ana García, walked along the path that makes up one of the most popular trails in Mojácar.
The Sendero de la Mena passes through an old section between Mojácar and Carboneras, in front of the hills that make up the Sierra Cabrera as they reach down to the Mediterranean.
Along the way, the group had the chance to find out about the actual route, which combines spectacular views with evidence of old mining days at various points, giving a sample of the local touristic sights and cultural heritage on offer.
To make sure the day went as smoothly as possible, Mojácar Council arranged for several Civil Protection members to accompany the walkers throughout the journey, as well as providing refreshments.
Although the reunion was officially set at three days, many of the participants extended their visit in Mojácar in order to fully take in the town´s many attractions.