Mojácar holds its first gastronomic day.

A first Gastronomic Day was recently held in Mojácar at the Botaniq Hotel’s Xmile Restaurant, which is on the beach at Rio Abajo.

Renowned local restaurateurs such as Juan Moreno and Antonio Carmona joined in the initiative with the professionals from Xmile’s kitchen to prepare an extensive tasting menu that showed off different specialities designed by each chef.
The day turned out to be a great success, with over 100 diners eager to reserve table for the event so that they could enjoy the dishes prepared in Xmile’s kitchen, in the unique setting of the Botaniq Hotel gardens with its Mediterranean backdrop.
Mojácar has a number of excellent restaurants of a high gastronomic level and Xmile, under the direction of Isabel Flores and Fernando Abad, is one of them, offering an original Mediterranean cuisine produced in impeccable facilities.
The complex is the epitome of peace and serenity, complemented by perfect rooms, the beach, sea, wonderful plants and flowers, with a surprise around every corner.
The whole event reaffirms the great gastronomic skills of the region, such as at Juan Moreno and Terraza Carmona, as well as bringing them all together to work hand in hand with the chefs in Mojácar.
It is an example of the good work and the high culinary level that exists in Almería province and, the Eastern Almería area.
Promotional initiatives such as these are always well received and, a reminder that Mojácar is a reference point on the map to enjoy a great eating experience.