Mojácar will inaugurate its Christmas lighting this Thursday 15th December

Mojácar, winner of the “Together we shine brighter” contest, and now the Ferrero Rocher 2022 town, will have the official switching on of the Christmas lighting this Thursday 15th December, starting at 8pm.

The official switching on will be accompanied by a gala presented by the presenter Jesús Vázquez, who will also be in charge of the countdown to illuminating Mojácar after winning the ninth edition of this well-known competition.
Mojácar Council, along with the volunteers and the municipality in general, friends and supporters, has been carrying out an intense campaign to take the town to being proclaimed the winning municipality.
Mojácar Tourist Office’s digital campaign on social media, both Facebook and Instagram, has reached more than five million people. Total impressions have exceeded six million, and reproductions just over two and a half million. As to the number of interactions, they’ve reached nearly 500,000.
These figures, provided by the Tourist Office, multiply geometrically as you have to take reckon on the numerous social media of other entities, individuals and celebrities who have supported the campaign also having achieved an enormous reach, almost impossible to quantify.
To these impressive digital figures, you have to add the high impart in the media, not only provincial, but also at regional and national level, which have covered the Mojácar campaign in its candidacy to the final of the “Together we shine brighter” initiative.
In addition to the work in the digital field, there are 20,000 leaflets with the QR for the vote link, plus the 500 display stands distributed around the establishments of Mojácar and throughout the whole region.
The volunteers have gone round virtually all the most strategic points of the province and have been present at the most important events held during this time, asking for the vote at street level.
The main hotel chains have given out the link to their guests, as have the local businesses. The Tourist Office alone sent 15,000 emails with the direct vote link.
Figures impossible to quantify in total, that sum up the impressive and exemplary work carried out by the Mojácar campaign coordination team, with their Mayor, Rosa María Cano, at the helm, and that has produced close to 165,000 votes, leading Mojácar to becoming the most voted for town.
It’s important to highlight to everyone who wants to attend that gala the need to access the old town via public urban transport which will be reinforced from Mojácar beach from 6pm. Vehicle access to the village will be restricted from 7pm. The experience of other gatherings makes this measure necessary as parking capacity is limited.