Open letter from the Mayor of Mojácar, Rosa María Cano

Dear friends of Mojácar, We’ve won!

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that all the efforts made so far have paid off. As you already know, we will have the illuminations for this Christmas!

First of all I want to thank everyone for your work: residents, the whole province that has thrown itself into this like never before, Andalucia, which has faithfully been with us, all the friends and supporters of Mojácar throughout Spain, even beyond our borders, who have supported us unreservedly, and of course, Peñíscola, what has always been by our side giving us wise advice and encouragement at all times. To Ferrero Rocher, for this opportunity you have provided us with.

I also want to acknowledge the towns that have participated alongside us in the “Together We Shine Brighter” campaign. Ainsa and Santillana del Mar have been tough competitors. All of them deserved members of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain.

Our prize is a double one: the first gift of our campaign has been the solidarity, the affection, the common effort of all, the union in the same hope and dream. The spirit of Christmas is its purest form that will forever change these festivities in our municipality and in our hearts.

What’s more, the illumination of Mojácar, so desired, offers us the opportunity to show that Mojácar is also a corner of enchantment in winter, at Christmas. A boost to the economy and to deseasonalisation. Great news for tourism, for trade and for us all following such tough and difficult years.

Many thanks to you all, and as I’ve already said, each little light that will shine in Mojácar this Christmas will have a name: that of everyone who has helped us to get here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Mojácar.