Mojácar La Fuente municipal Art Centre inaugurates the exhibition of paintings by María José González

A new painting exhibition offering works by the artist María José González Iglesias has been inaugurated at the La Fuente Municipal Art Centre and will run until 9th October

For her first exhibition in Mojácar, María José González has chosen 34 works of great strength and colour, full of the passion and the feeling with which she creates her paintings.
The inauguration was a success both for participation and sales. A debut in the world of exhibitions which could not have started better.
Her works, done in acrylic technique and impressionist style, encapsulate, according to the artist herself, her inspiration and her feelings that flow when, alone, she faces a blank canvas.
Humanist by training, and although painting has always been present in her life through watercolour or pastel, it was not until her retirement that she felt definitively attracted to painting as a means of artistic expression.
She tries to convey her feelings, María José González comments, her way of life: “there’s nothing established previously”. A woman full of life and full of strength that guides her hand and captures the moment in a work that does not go unnoticed.
She arrived in Mojácar seven years ago from Zamora, her native land. A contrast, or perhaps a complement, between the overflowing light, the colour and the new sensations that she found on arriving at the Andalucian locality and the image that remains in her eye of a Zamora full of history and illustrious artists, combined with the Castilian-Leonese landscape, with the Romanesque and with a rich inland world.
The La Fuente Municipal Art Centre is open to the public, free of charge, from Wednesday to Friday from 10am to 1pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm.