Mojácar Local Police give highway safety classes to the locality´s youngest

Mojácar Local Police have given a highway safety class at the locality’s Bartolomé Flores public school to children aged between three and five, included in the first cycle of infant education.

These classes, which the Local Police have been giving to the littlest ones for some time, were interrupted by anti-Covid measures. Now without the previous restrictions, they have returned to the classrooms with the aim of including the very youngest in the knowledge of pedestrian rules.
From when they start at the school, although always accompanied by an adult, the smallest children begin to move around more freely and form part of the pedestrians walking on the pavements, zebra crossings, etc.
With these courses, Mojácar Local Police want to achieve several objectives. One is to make themselves known; although many children want to be police officers when they grow up, it is true that they also have a certain fear of the figure of a police officer and of the public order forces. Modifying this possible mistrust and seeing the police officer as a friendly figure is an important aim, as it means that in an emergency they will approach them with confidence and security, and they can provide the necessary service more easily.
To this end, the officers in charge of this course made available to the more than 120 pupils attending the classroom prepared for this some of the police tools commonly used in the regulation of traffic. They also organised games simulating they were walking down the street accompanied by their parents or an adult and having to solve any issues which could come up along the way.
But without doubt, introducing them to the knowledge of pedestrian rules for walking on public streets is one of the main purposes of these meetings. With these, the police, theoretically and through games orientated to this aim, are instructing the children on the most basic knowledge and rules, such as the use of pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, pavements, street crossings, and on interpreting the signals which the police themselves make to regulate the traffic.
The recommendations on being responsible with your pets could not be left out. Having them always on a lead and with the appropriate bags for picking up their excrement and not leaving it on the public street. Control, safety and responsibility, which always have to be instilled and taught from a very young age.
In short, a fun day, on which the children, always contributing and attentive, along with the police officers, had an enjoyable time laying the foundations for safe and harmonious citizen coexistence.