The world´s biggest gathering of Ferraris comes to Mojácar

Passione Rossa, Italy’s most popular Ferrari car owners’ club, visited Mojácar in an event with more than 40 luxury cars, among them models from different eras, led by speed champion Fabio Barone, who has three Guinness World Records in his track record.

In the first gathering of the Ferrari Western Tour 2022, organised by the Passione Rossa Club, UNED, the Almería Provincial Council and Mojácar Council, as well as other localities which have also collaborated on this spectacular adventure, they planned Mojácar as the first stop and the start to their route around Almería province.
It is the biggest gathering of Ferraris in the world, outside Italy, getting a lot of media coverage, and with the commitment of the Passione Rossa Club to “give visibility to this land which has incredible tourist potential and for everything it offers.”
These luxury vehicles arrived in Barcelona from Rome, and from the Catalan capital arrived in Mojácar by road.
Despite the rain, many fans were waiting for the spectacular caravan which made its entrance at the Parque Comercial, from where the Ferrari Western Tour 2022 officially began.
An image to go down in history with the whole of the Parque Comercial car-park full of the most extraordinary super high-end vehicles, which filled Mojácar beach with colour. Among them was the first hybrid from the “Prancing Horse” company, as well as the car which on three occasions has gained a Guinness World Record.
Attending the official reception for the group was Mojácar local authority Finance Councillor, Francisco García Cerdá, accompanied by the also councillors and members of the council government team, Raquel Belmonte and Pedro Torres, who wanted to welcome the more than 100 participants in the tour, presenting them with a memento of the town,
Passione Rosa Ferrari Club President, Fabio Barone, accompanied by Ferrari Spain Delegate, Antonio Santacroce, presented a plaque to Mojácar Council for its “contribution, commitment, dedication and effort” in staging this Ferrari meeting.
A visit which was not only a pleasant surprise for all the locality’s residents and visitors, but which also represents an important event, which is being documented by the Spanish and Italian media, like Rai International, Corriere dello Sport and Askanews in particular, as well as by all the international sports media.
Following the visit to the Parque Comercial, the Prancing Horse caravan headed towards Mojácar Pueblo on its way to the next destination in Almería.