Mojácar´s Local Police put new dog patrol into action

 Mojácar´s Local Police Canine Unit was initiated last September, following the joint specialised training of dogs with the town´s officers.   

It has already seen positive results during the first patrols, with a number of people apprehended for having in their possession different types of prohibited substances such as marijuana, hashish and cocaine.

Mojácar Police have two dogs at their disposal, from a total of ten that have been trained in Vera´s Zadhir de Luna Centre to detect illegal substances and assist the officers in carrying out their work, particularly in crowded areas.

At the moment the patrolled areas are focused on the beach bar zone, in the afternoon and evening, which has the largest influx of people.  For Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc, Mojácar Councillor for Security, this new Canine Unit is all part of a modernization plan for the Local Police, with officers taking part in training courses to ensure greater effectiveness, both for the public and, themselves.

With the high season very much in mind, the Head of the Local Police met with the Mayor and the Councillor for Public Safety to plan and review  procedures and action for the busy weeks ahead, which will see increased number of officers in Mojácar through collaborative agreements with other towns.

A total of 12 vehicles make up the official fleet, which includes all-terrain, basic patrol cars, cars with special detention equipment,  unmarked cars. an off road 4 by 4 as well as all-terrain motorbikes and newly acquired urban scooters.

There are 23 Local Police officers in Mojácar´s force who, as part of their day to day work, are empowered to put into force campaigns from the General Directorate of Security within the town, including breathalyser controls, the use of the safety helmets and belts, as well as child protection in vehicles.