Blue flags fly on Mojácar´s Beaches.

Mojácar Council´s Governing Team recently raised three blue flags, which can be seen flying at the Las Ventanicas, Piedra Villazar and Marina de la Torre beaches.

Although all Mojácar´s coastline is in tip top condition, these three particular beaches have obtained the highest rating from the European Foundation for Environmental Education who since 1987, have devised a strict series of conditions to be met by beaches and ports.
Mojácar has had blue flags since the 1990´s and has increased the equipment and services offered at its bathing areas each year.
To obtain a blue flag, the beaches are reviewed by both national and international inspectors, who take into account all the relevant information including environmental education and management, water quality, safety and available facilities. There also needs to be display boards with clear guidelines about the beach as well as coastal ecosystems.
The bathing water quality, must be excellent in all sampling areas and comply with directives on urban wastewater treatment. There is also the requirement to comply with environmental legislation, particularly the Coastal Law, with adequate waste management, especially with regard to glass.

Beaches must additionally have easy, safely access, particularly with regard to those with disabilities, with first-aid equipment and trained staff on hand should any incident arise.
In addition to the award winning beaches, throughout the tourist season, those at Lance Nuevo, El Cantal and Descargador will also have a lifeguard rescue service and, a number of other improvement plans are under way in all the bathing areas in Mojácar.
The now traditional “Junior Lifeguard” courses on the beach are already running, when youngsters have a chance to learn some basic first aid, CPR, how to call 112, amongst other things suited to their age.
Awareness about keeping the sand and the seabed clean is a big part of these sessions, also. Additionally, one vitally important task is to instil on both children and adults the campaign to raise awareness of correct and responsible action to take if a mammal or any marine animal is found on the sand or near the beach in Mojácar or elsewhere else.

All in all, it´s a year-round job that ties in the work of the Tourism Department with Mojácar Council´s beach responsibilities so that, as always, holiday time in the town lives up to the high expectations of locals and tourists alike.