“Mi Playa Bonica”, Mojácar backs environmental education

Mojácar Council has joined the “Mi Playa Bonica” (My Pretty Beach) Project in collaboration with the University of Almería, through which actions will be carried out in the coastal eco-systems comprehensive management programme: investigation and decontamination of micro, meso and macro-residues. In short, conservation of protected natural spaces and environmental outreach.

For this purpose, next Saturday 14th, on Playa Venta del Bancal, from 3.30pm onwards, a fixed environmental outreach, information and awareness-raising point will be set up, as well as an explanation of this initiative.
A marquee will be the setting for the day’s dissemination material. Participants and anyone interested can view a small exhibition of marine waste found on the coastline. Alongside the samples of waste will be a small selection of images printed on photographic paper. High-impact images about waste in bodies of water and the consequences for the eco-system in general, and an exhibition of photographs of the main eco-systems and most representative species which this area is home to.

Volunteers will then decontaminate the Venta del Bancal beach of waste and micro-residues.
The methodology used to carry out the decontamination of the beach will consist of exchanging waste found for a children’s attraction or an eco-branded item.
Each adult or child will have to fill a container with waste from the beach or surrounding area. This container will be provided by environment technicians, as well as gloves and the instructions on what to do.
Once full of rubbish it will be returned to the technicians, who will hand over a ticket for use on a children’s attraction or to exchange in the eco-market found in the marquee. A special market, where the only currency will be the tickets, and where it will be possible to get game items, costume jewellery made from recycled products or items of natural cosmetics.
A day which combines environmental education, play and awareness-raising about the importance of conservation and caring for our natural spaces, in this case the beaches and the sea.