Premiering in Mojácar the Pasodoble which bears its name, a work by the composer Enrique Jiménez Galera

On the occasion of the concert offered by the Mojácar Municipal Music Band, and featuring in the summer cultural programme the local council planned for the summer, there was heard for the first time the chords of the “Mojácar” paso doble, a work by the Almerian composer Enrique Jiménez Galera, which he composed in honour of this locality.

As a start to the musical programme which the Mojácar Municipal Music Band offered spectators, to everyone’s surprise and not on the programme, the Director, Miguel Ángel Miranda, announced the premiere performance of the “Mojácar” paso doble, as well as the presence of the composer, who did not want to miss the first performance of his paso doble, which, what’s more, was held in the locality which had inspired him.
The premiere of the “Mojácar” paso doble was highly applauded at the end, being warmly received by the sizeable audience in the Plaza del Parterre where the concert was held in order to comply with the health measures imposed by the health crisis.
Mojácar Mayor Rosa María Cano and the members of her government team were there. Culture Councillor Raquel Belmonte presented the composer Enrique Jiménez Galera with a statuette with a commemorative plaque to show the appreciation of Mojácar village for the composition which bears the name of the municipality.
Enrique Jiménez Galera began his musical studies in the Olula del Río Conservatory. From a very young age it was clear to him that music was his world and he continued his studies in Granada, where he graduated in clarinet, studied teaching and perfected his musical conducting.
Combining teaching work with composing, he conducts cycles of songs for music bands, fandangos, and collecting the typical folklore of Almería province.
Within his extensive training and musical experience, he has accomplished two symphonies, a concert for clarinet and band, as well as processional marches, which he has presented to the Granada “Las Penas” association and the “Estudiantes” in Almería.
In a few emotional words following the presentation of the statuette by the Culture Councillor, Enrique Jiménez thanked the people of Mojácar for their warm reception and the local council for its support, both for him and for the world of music in these difficult times, and the Municipal Music Band Director for their enthusiasm and collaboration. He also highlighted the excellent performance of the members of the Municipal Band.
According to the composer, the “Mojácar” paso doble is simple, but full of feeling, and “although it is difficult to do justice to the beauty of Mojácar”, in the words of Enrique Jiménez Galera, he has been inspired by the good times he has spent in the locality and by the strength of the province’s musical heritage.