“Los Monólogos” return to Mojácar for Christmas.

As part of the festive programme organized by Mojácar Council, the well-known humorists Alvarito, Pepe Céspedes, Kikín Fernández, Marco and Paco Calavera “returned for Christmas”, providing an evening full of fun to an audience of over 260 people.

With their hilarious wit, these artists include everyone and anything in their monologues that make up this special show put together by Kuver Producciones.
Paco Calavera, from Almería, is a comedian, actor, scriptwriter and director, presenting humour that is surreal, rowdy, politically incorrect and forceful. He was a leading light in Paramount Comedy, a star of the last season of the series “Museo Coconut” on the NEOX channel and has appeared several times on Canal Plus’s “Ilustres Ignorantes.”
Pepe Céspedes is another comedian and actor from Almería and a principal monologist of Paramount Comedy, who is the most in demand on the national scene. Along with Paco Calavera, Kikín Fernández, Nadia Torrijos and Alvarito he has starred in theatrical shows such as “Aquí Sufriendo”, “Veranico Azul” or “Los vigilantes de la Plancha”.
The show’s success in Mojácar added the finishing touch to the Christmas programme for the adults, in anticipation of the Three Kings procession and the delivery of gifts by their Majesties to all the children in the town. To bring the events to a close on Sunday, January 6, the Mass of Kings was held at the Santa María Church, complemented by singing from Mojácar’s “Embrujo Mojaquero” choir.