Levante Firefighters visit the children in Huercal Overa Hospital

As every year, a team from the Almería Levante Fire Consortium paid a visit to Huercal-Overa’s Inmaculada Hospital to visit the children who have been admitted over Christmas, a time which means so much to young ones.

During their visit, they handed out gifts, games, as well as kind words, giving the children a fun morning which put a smile on their faces.

Dressed in uniform, surprising the little ones, the children took delight in seeing the team up close and being able to ask lots of questions about their work. The visit to the rooms and wards gave everyone a chance to temporarily forget about their worries, whilst spending some time being entertained along with their families and visitors.

Afterwards, the firefighters thanked the Huercal-Overa health staff for all their help and collaboration to make their visit to the young people possible, who had all been admitted at this particularly difficult time for any child .

The initiative highlighted the firefighters’ commitment to solidarity and help, in addition to the extremely important work that they carry out throughout the year. The Levante Almeriense Consortium also work constantly with different non-governmental and charitable associations in the area, with the aim of to maintaining a close relationship with the people of the region.
The recent addition of new members reinforces the Fire Department to enable them to better carry out the immense task they are charged with, in order to protect everyone’s welfare and safety.