Mojácar is the province´s first Municipality to welcome 2024 with a children´s New Year´s Eve celebration

Mojácar is the first municipality in Almería that will see in the New Year and celebrate the arrival of 2024 12 hours before the rest of the localities.

Mojácar Council, will, as usual, celebrate the arrival of 2024 with children and their families, at 12-noon in the Plaza del Arbollón.
To the rhythm of the chimes of the Santa María Parish Church, the youngsters will be able to ring in the New Year with a bang with jellybeans and toast, as is customary, with a juice that Mojácar Council is offering free to all those who join this first welcome of 2024.
The steps to follow are exactly the same as New Year’s Eve for the grown-ups: lucky chimes, toasts, congratulations, fireworks, music, games and children’s activities accompanied by Disney characters, who will also join the party to wish everyone a happy New Year full of the best wishes for prosperity
For several years now, the locality’s Local Council has been the first municipality to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with children who, in most cases, are not still awake at midnight and cannot celebrate it with their families
Children’s New Year’s Eve is a very popular family celebration in the municipality and many families, children and young people come along who do not want to miss this opportunity and who spend a fun morning with children’s attractions, games, music and dancing, accompanied by their favourite characters from the Disney factory.
Last year, the Local Council distributed more than 300 bags of jellybeans with their corresponding juices. For this year, the predictions are higher as parents also join in on these sweet lucky chimes and the forecasts point to more members of the public coming along.
At night, and this time for the grown-ups, at midnight, the Local Council also plans its traditional New Year’s Eve celebration.
In the Plaza del Arbollón, Mojácar will welcome 2024 with grapes and Cava, offered by Mojácar Council.
It is traditional in the municipality that residents and many visitors, together with the Local Council Government team, gather to have the lucky grapes.
It is worth highlighting the joining in of many of the foreign residents in this custom which is so much ours, especially British, although all nationalities join in.
Celebrations of all the cultures in harmony and in line with the good harmony of coexistence that is demonstrated in the incorporation of each other’s customs into daily life,
There will also be no shortage of fireworks, that will fill the Mojácar sky with light and colour during a Christmas that is more sparkling and more magical than ever.
And to celebrate all the good things that will come without doubt with the New Year, music and dance that will put the finishing touch to this year that is ending.