The Three Kings visit Mojácar

Their Majesties the Three Wise Men of the East, Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar, did not miss their appointment with the children of Mojácar.

After being officially received at the municipal offices located in the Plaza del Arbollón by the local mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, and his government team, Their Majesties, accompanied by their pages and the Corporation, went to the Santa María Church to make their offering of gold, incense and myrrh to the newborn baby Jesus.
There they were received by the Parish Priest, Mr Víctor Manuel Fernández, who welcomed them, accompanying them to the altar where there was a representation of the Holy Family.
A parade had been planned following the religious ceremony that would take Their Majesties to the Multi-Uses Centre, where the local children were waiting for them to receive the first of the many gifts they had planned for the little ones on this magical night.
The bad weather made it necessary to suspend the parade, but Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar did not let that stop them from greeting the families who were waiting for them and they did the route on foot, handing out sweets and candies to everyone.
As they went around Mojácar old town they were also accompanied by Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto, among others, who accompanied the pages and Three Wise Men throughout.
Once at the Multi-Uses Centre, Their Majesties gave out a small present to all the children born between 2012 and 2024 and who live in the locality.
From Their Majesties’ list on which there were the names of all the youngsters, a royal assistant called them, one by one, to collect their gift from Melchior, Caspar or Balthasar, taking advantage of the occasion to greet them personally, have their photo taken with such illustrious characters and also, of course, the opportunity for those most behind to ask them for that last-minute gift that they had forgotten to ask for in their royal letters.
Nearly 500 presents ended up in the hands of the locality’s little ones, who were excited about this magical afternoon, enjoying the presence of some of the most eagerly-anticipated characters by children at Christmas.