Mojácar presents the concert “Mundo Divino” on the Saint´s Day of San Agustín

To celebrate the Day of San Agustin, the Patron Saint of Mojácar, Mojácar Council’s Culture Department has organised a performance of “Mundo Divino” on Friday August 28th, at 10 p.m. in the Plaza Nueva.

The concert is the creation of Maria del Tango and “EL Calimbero”, which has been over two years in the making at their base in Janda, Cádiz.

Most of the songs in the show are not yet published as they have been concentrating on presenting them to live to the public, with great success, for the last season.

Their music and lyrics, full of poetry, stand out for their originality and their extraordinary fusion of flamenco, Andalucían rock and mixed ‘roots’ influences.

EL Calimbero” is a poet whose lyrics leave no-one indifferent and, together with the extraordinary voice of María del Tango, they know how to fill the stage with a magical and emotional atmosphere that captivates every audience.

This is a new musical journey for both artists who have already become a great talking point on social networks and in the music business.

At the end of last year, they released their first single, “Ya no se”, with great success, which helped them on their path into the very difficult world of music. This has also given them the chance to make themselves better known before recording their first album, which they began to perform last autumn.

For those wishing to attend the concert, Mojácar Council would like to remind everyone to wear their masks, remained seated during the performance and respect safe social distancing.